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VirtualPack and CombatTag are working again.

LaserLag SITE-ADMINOWNER posted Fri at 8:40
I have uploaded the correct builds of VirtualPack and CombatTag. Both are working again. Let me know if you have any issues.

supermariousa The difference between Obsidian rank and Epic rank is very poor.
supermariousa [Epic] Rank sucks and combat stats need to be reset
ObsidianDestroyer has been updated to the dev version and everything appears to be working correctly. There have been a few config changes:
  • Online factions have 15 obsidian durability.
  • Offline factions have 30 obsidian durability.
  • You can whack a piece of obsidian with a potato to check durability.
PVP kits have been overhauled for all ranks!
  • Every rank has their own PVP kit.
  • Each kit is on a 1 day cooldown.
  • Due to shorter cooldowns, higher ranks no longer have access to lower rank PVP kits BUT they still have access to all other kits.
In other news...
  • FactionsPlus has been updated.
  • I'm still looking into getting VirtualPack to work.
  • The accidental extended period of mcMMO double XP has ended.
  • Some plugins are not functioning correctly as a new version of Minecraft (1.7.8) was just released. If it isn't working, we are most likely waiting for developers to update their plugins.

SLUTxMUFFIN Hey Laser, check on my IP. I'm having trouble connecting to the server with it; I am not to sure why. I can connect with ...

Alchemy mcMMO boost added to Buycraft.

LaserLag SITE-ADMINOWNER posted Apr 16, 14
You can now boost your alchemy on Buycraft. Check out the mcMMO section on Buycraft if you want to purchase it or other mcMMO boosts.

BraSSmonkeyS25 All bout the money...
hawkkiller remove mcmmo all together for buying.
xXDarkJesterXx To be honest, it should be removed from Buycraft. I worked hard for 1000 Alchemy and just seeing someone jump straight t ...

My to-do-list!

LaserLag SITE-ADMINOWNER posted Apr 8, 14
Check out a regularly updated list of what SwaggerCraft's current projects are. I will update it as things are done or statuses change. Please report issues to myself or staff members and it will be added to the list. You can also suggest things like plugins, config changes, etc and it may be added. Tweet stuff to @LaserLag or email

I have to get things going for a fun summer!

Also, the Bungee proxy will be removed soon so we should see a great improvement with connectivity (less lag).

swt2345 x I think you're a tad late to save the server, if you direct your attention to the left side of the screen you will notic ...
Thanks for voting on our ObsidianDestroyer poll. Offline protection has been disabled. This means you can TNT anyone's base whether they are online or offline. The durability has been kept the same for now but may change depending on feedback. You can now check a piece of obsidian's durability by whacking it with a lily pad.

There will also be an mcMMO double XP this weekend starting on Friday, April 4.

Here is a coupon for 50% off anything in Buycraft: HONEYMOON

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